ITV launches Startup Advertising Packages

ITV has launched its new Startup Businesses packages to help support small businesses, with discounted rates for creation and airing of adverts. We spoke to Rachel Baines, Business Development Manager at ITV about TV adverts for small businesses.


What should a small business consider when thinking about creating TV adverts?

Consider the following questions:  What are the most important brand attributes that you want to impart with your campaign?  What are the key objectives for this advertising campaign? e.g product sales, online traffic, brand awareness, brand fame, important announcements, product launches or offers?


What are the benefits of using TV advertising?

Television is rocket fuel for brands.  Although the vast majority of TV viewing remains in the home and on the main TV set, viewing on other screens on ITV Hub has enhanced viewing and interaction – and increased the number of opportunities for brands to tap into ITV’s power.


What are the advantages of TV advertising?

TV evokes emotion.  TV is trusted. There’s a reason online brands have flocked to TV and become TV’s biggest category!


How can ITV help someone looking to advertise their business?

ITV will understand what it is you are trying to achieve now and in the long term.  ITV will create a campaign to any budget and we will support you with new to ITV rates and added value.


Are TV adverts only for big companies, how can small companies get involved?

ITV Channel can build a campaign to any budget.  TV advertising has many short-term effects, such as driving sales, creating spikes in online search and creating word of mouth on and offline. It works and it works fast. 

ITV can create a commercial and targeted campaign on ITV Hub for £500 including commercial production.  The video can then be used on your website or on social channels. If you want to target UK regions we can target by postcode there too. 

To find out more about this offer contact Rachel Baines or Raine Mooney. 

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