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No matter what size your business is or which industry it operates in you can guarantee that you will be using some digital tools or technology. In fact most businesses would find it hard to operate without it. Whether it’s your online booking system, email or social media channels it is important that you know at least the basics to keep you safe and secure when operating your business.

Today’s consumers expect to be able to interact with businesses through online channels. But according to a recent small business study commissioned by Google, 80 percent of US small businesses are not taking full advantage of digital tools.

Deloitte - Small business technology trends

IT and Digital Tools

IT tools make the day to day business management and admin simpler,  allowing you to focus on the delivery side to your business. From accounting, invoicing or scheduling there are many digital tools available to use, we have listed out some types with examples below, many of which work together. For more information on tools and options available visit our service directory to connect with local IT providers.

Accounting, invoicing and payment

Like many areas of business technology has enabled the process to be simplified and accounting is no different.  There are many options of software available to assist you with the bookkeeping side of your business such as Quickbooks or Xero accounting.  These software packages allow you to enter receipts and invoices and put it into the correct format making the process a whole lot easier. Tools like Sumup or Paypal allow you to easily take payment for products or services that can easily be integrated into your service delivery.

Scheduling, booking and customer tools

Being able to book, adjust and cancel services online is becoming an expected feature for customers. Tools like schedulista and you can book me offer packages which do not just allow the customers to create their bookings but also save business operators time with reducing time taken to manually book in and change bookings via telephone or email. Tools like Hubspot are customer management tools allowing you to keep a record of all your customer details in one place.

Collaboration and storage tools

Cloud based storage systems such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive allow you to store documents, access and share them from any device allowing you to be much more flexible with your working.

Marketing and Design

Marketing and website design can be a difficult task when starting your business. The tools below allow you to manage social media, build basic websites and create email newsletters with many offering templates to get you started.

Productivity and communication

Keeping on-top of your workload is key when starting a business and there are many productivity and organisation apps out there to help. These include project management tools like trello which allow you to create, assign and manage tasks with your team. One note that allows you to keep track of all of your meeting notes and more. Teams and Slack which allow you to communicate easily with your team. We have compiled a short list below. 

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